About Gladiator

Gladiator is really still a kitten. He got his name because he’s a real survivor. He came to Catopolis in may 2022. He was brought in with 9 other kittens which probably aren’t all related. They were all from the same colony and were rescued because they would not have survived the street life.
Gladiator was very sick when he entered. We had to take him to the hospital where he needed a blood transfusion to survive. Luckily he responded well to the treatment and after spending 4 days in the hospital he could come back to the refuge.
Gladiator is a very playful, sweet and loving kitten who can’t wait to have his own home. Unfortunately he tested positive for feline leukaemia virus so he has to be an only cat or live with an other leukaemia positive cat. Gladiator is symptom free.